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Tulum is not just any place. If it is truethat its beaches, its nature and its climate are wonderful, it is equally true that the public infrastructures and the companies serving the hotels are not yet organized to offer a service adequate to the expectations of the guests. Public lighting, fresh water distribution, sewerage and road maintenance services are still lacking.

The supplies of hotel-like materials, including certain food items, if not occasional, are certainly not punctual. in fact punctuality and precision are certainly not the main characteristics of the place, it will be for reasons related to its very rapid urban growth and because “tropical” air has its effects. Consequently, be advised that you will not have to complain if your requests are not met in an immediate, precise and timely manner, all this, for now, is not part of the local culture.

In addition, Tulum is expensive and it is expensive for everyone, for hotel guests, like you, but also for operators, like us, for which the quality / price ratio, in these parts, is not extremely advantageous.

With this awareness, if you decide to visit us, we will do all the best we can for you and we have no doubt that you will spend a wonderful and unforgettable holiday.


Hotel Alma de flores location

Alma de flores is located in a neighborhood, Aldea Zama, which is certainly the best in Tulum in terms of streets, sidewalks, the absence of suspended electric cables, the size and quality of the streets and architecture and modernity of the buildings that lie there, however, it is a new neighborhood with many buildings under construction and with some bars and restaurants not particularly close to the hotel (700 meters away).

Public lighting, although existing, is not active and the center of the country can only be reached by bicycle or motorized vehicle, taxis included, of course. The dirt and internal road that connects Aldea Zama to the country and which appears in “Google maps” or in the “maps” of Apple is passable during the day and with some caution, like all the streets of Tulum that are not the main avenue and the immediate vicinity or the sea road.